Chillichoc Powder


D’Choc chilli-choc hot chocolate powder is a delightful blend of drinking chocolate and chilli, without any coffee or caffeine. This quality chocolate powder has a D’Vine inspired hint of chilli spice for an uplifting hot chocolate in winter, the best summer iced chocolate, and even makes delicious desserts all year round

  • available in a 125g bag, a 1kg tub
  • blended locally
  • gluten free
  • chilli, coffee and chocolate blend
  • level 2 out of our 5 levels of chilli spice


Chilli Coffee’s D’Choc chilli-choc drinking chocolate is a high quality refined cocoa, blended with the finest chilli grown right here in Queensland. Use Chillichoc for more than sumptuous, mouth-watering hot and cold drinks or try it for your desserts, baking, cappuccino, and even cocktails! Chilli Coffee Chillichoc Powder’s premium, velvety flavour can help you reinvent lots of your beverage menu items.

D’CHOC is a nice way to really enjoy a cup of hot chocolate! 

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Moreton Bay Australia