D’Caff Chilli Coffee is our popular, and super-mild D’Lish Chilli Coffee blend, without the caffeine. Using the non-chemical Swiss water decaffeination process to remove the caffeine, decaffeinated D’Lish is an excellent alternative for decaf coffee drinkers, bored with bland coffee. This is a popular product with migraine suffers, as the chilli coffee blend offers relief, while being decaf lets them get some sleep.

  • 125 gram bag
  • non-chemical decaf process
  • a D’Lish blend 1 out of 5 levels of chilli spice

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Decaf select single-origin beans have been processed using the non-chemical Swiss water decaffeination process to remove the caffeine. This is a highly effective natural and delicate process which maintains the sweet nutty flavours and characteristics of these premium beans. Blended with a touch of super mild chilli spices, the flavours work in harmony delivering a slight tingle to the palate. Combined with your favourite whitener you’ll be delighted how all flavours combine for a delightful taste of enjoyment. Ideal as coffee in the afternoon or evening for pure coffee drinking pleasure any time of the day.

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Weight 145 g
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 2 cm